Today, I want to share with you, the complete guide on how to Check your BVN, correct and update it anytime you want. For those who may not be aware of the full meaning of BVN, just know that BVN stands for Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Take note that this 11-digit number was introduced in Nigeria in order to curb the country of all forms of financial fraud and theft. I won’t say it has totally curbed the country of financial fraud, but it is really helping.

The BVN number is personified, and that is, all citizens of the country have their own personalized numbers, which serve as your universal identity (ID) in all the banks and financial institutions within the country. BVN makes it easier to identify yourself anytime.

How To Check BVN Date Of Birth

I have seen many people having one problem or the other about their BVN details which include, the wrong date of birth, names or those who recently got married and would like to do a change of name. This problem can really affect you in the banking sector, and can easily get all accounts linked with your BVN blocked.

Try as much as possible to avoid any form of mistake when feeling out forms for a new bank account or other forms that require your BVN number (If you already have BVN). You should also ensure that the names and dates of birth details you give correspond with the ones you used on your BVN.

Mistakes are sometimes inevitable, and this is so true. I have seen cases of people who want to open a new bank account and just can’t remember the dates of birth used during their BVN registration.

Well, you can actually check your BVN date of birth and details. But you can only do so by visiting the Bank you enroll with or any of the Bank branches you have an account with, and you linked the BVN with.

First of all, you need to copy your BVN number by dialling this code *565*0# using the mobile number you registered with.

Once you have dialled the number, just ensure you copy the code and visit any of the Bank branches to check your BVN Date of birth and other info. If you have an account with GTBank, simply dial *737*6*1# to check your BVN number.

How To Correct and Update Your BVN Details

To update your BVN or makes some corrections which can be a name, date of birth and phone number, you will need the following documents.

  • To change the date of birth: You need to provide a Birth certificate.
  • If you want to do a change of name and other details due to marriage, etc: Then you are required to come with a Marriage certificate as proof.
  • For a change of name, or phone number: You will need an international passport, national identity card or voters card showing the correct name.

After you have all the requirements above, take them to any of your bank branches and they will attend to you without much delay.

Important Info.

Currently, the BVN company in Nigeria has not provided Nigerians with a portal where we can check our BVN information, like the date of birth we used, the correct names, or phone numbers, there is no method, for now, to know your BVN details.

The only working method is for you to visit any of the banks you linked your BVN with because all BVN database is secured.

How to Check BVN Number.

You can only check your BVN number with this code *565*0# both on MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile.

These networks charge you only N20 for checking BVN. Make sure you have up to 20 Naira before dialling this number, or it won’t work. Once you dial the number above, you will receive the 11-digit number on your mobile.

Take note that you can ONLY check your BVN via the phone number you used to register for it.

Good Luck.

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