Is this Beautiful Young girl the Most Wicked?

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Wow, the heart of men is desperately wicked! I came across this viral video trending since yesterday, when a house help tried poisoning her madam’s water, so she’ll die.

Unluckily for the house help, she was caught and forced to confess her sins. The woman who hired her asked her few questions and she replied while kneeling down.

househelp from hell

According to the house-help whose name was not given in the video, she has discovered where her madam hides the key to her room, stole the key, and used it in opening the door, and tried poisoning the water the madam will drink.

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In the video which I’ve shared below, the house-help agrees that she took a sniper (extremely poisonous to Human), look for where the Madam keeps her key, open the room door, entered inside, and open the water she drinks, and pour sniper inside the water.