22 Years old Billionaire Daughter Involved in Scandal – Še× Videos and Pictures Leaked!

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Who will believe that a Matured Man will stoop so low, as to release the tape he did with his Ex, simply because she broke up with him? And when will Ladies know that whenever you’re in a loving relationship that seems like it’s made in Heaven, DON’T EVER DO VIDEOS?

Honey Suleman

Here are few other popular Ladies whose photos trend for all the wrong reasons;

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It seems Like this beautiful young girl is trending for all the wrong reasons on social Media.

Honey Suleman

Who is Honey Suleman? Here’s All You Need to Know About Her

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Before city socialite and Tycoon, who I decided to call CHILDISH Jack Pemba leaked the Še×tapes videos with Honey Suleman, there was absolutely no news, or anyone, apart from her friends in real life and social Media, who knew a thing about Honey Suleman. But thanks to Jack Pemba and his childish character, everyone is trying to know who Honey Suleman is. She is tipped to be the next Kim Kardashian of Africa.

Her real name Salama, and her surname is Suleman. This beautiful lady is just 22 years old. She comes from a single home with 5 siblings .

Our beautiful Salama Suleman did studied in Jinja based schools and is the proud owner of Sasha Cossets, a mobile make-up studio, which she started in 2017 as part of her love for doing makeup. She even have several make up videos shared on Facebook, Youtube and instagrm. She is a daughter to the late Suleman and she is a mixed blood with Arab descent. Which makes her look more exotic and beautiful.

We discovered that Honey Suleman works at her sister’s online shop, and this was where she sadly met Jack Pemba at the age of 19 Years in September 2015.

Her Facebook names are; Honey Suleman Official and she is also on Snapchat.

ARE You interested in watching her Videos?

Since the tapes are so mature themed, we couldn’t upload them here direct so you have to follow the link below to watch and download them.

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Click Here to Play:>> Jack Pemba and Salamah Tape 1

Click Here to Play:>> Jack Pemba and Salamah Tape 2


Honey Suleman

However, there is something in Honey Suleman that draws the attention of the public, and that is her resilient ability to overcome this issue. Here’s her classic reply;

Honey Suleman
What do You think about this Video of Honey Suleman?
Should girls stop their boyfriends from videoing them during their intimate moments?
WHY are girls the victims, more than 99% victims when it comes to issue like this?