GPA – GP Calculations For NOUN Students

After the result has been released, what is next?

Well, am pretty sure that everyone is having a good time. While many of us are curious about calculating our GPA or GP. Others are just anxious to know more about what their GPA looks like at the moment.

However, this information is even more useful to those who remember to check their scores and even documented their scores before leaving the examination hall.

Okay, now is the time how you can easily commence calculating your examination score. I’m pretty sure that many people are familiar with this calculation, while others don’t know how to calculate theirs.

It is also important that you should note here, for those who are yet to know, that they can calculate their scores using the examples below.

GP Calculations For NOUN Students
GP Calculations For NOUN Students


Let me say, I did a course ECN101 and scored 65 on the computer-based exam. My calculations will go like this;

65 x 70 = 4,550.

Then, you should proceed and divide it by 120, and this goes like this:

4,550 ÷ 120 = 37.9.

That means your score over 70 in the examination, is 37.9/70.

Please, also take note, that for all students, who did the full complete 150 (One hundred and fifty) questions in a particular exam or more, you will have to divide by the number of questions. It is not always 120.

Let’s also assume your score for 4 NOUN TMAs were as follows;

TMA1 = 9.5,
TMA2 = 8.00,
TMA3 = 9.00,
TMA4 = 7.5, respectively.

For you to successfully and rightfully calculate this, you’ll need to calculate the best 3 TMAs, which will be like this;

9.5 + 9.00 + 8.00 = 26.5.

This will give you, a total of 26.5, and your test score is over 30. That means you scored 26.5/30.

While for you, to get your overall score over 100. You’ll be adding exam score + test score= 37.9 + 26.5= 64.4. So, my total score for the course ECN101 would = 64.4/100. Which is a ‘B’.

Before we venture into GPA calculations; Note that;

70-100= A.
60-69= B.
50-59= C.
45-49= D.
40-44= E.
39 downwards= F.

Now, let us assume, I did 11 courses and this was how my score went in the 11 courses after calculating scores, with their units in front of them. Let’s assume these were my courses, grades & units;

1) ECN101 – B. 2unit course
2) TFC116- B. 2unit course
3) ENT121 – C. 3unit course
4) BAT128- C. 2unit course
5) GMB142 – A. 2unit course
6) BRF136- A. 3unit course
7) KFC108- A. 2unit course
8) GEJ158 – D. 3unit course
9) OBJ114 – D. 2unit course
10) IBB131 – E. 2unit course
11) FFK104- F. 2unit course

Now, we have 11 courses, with their grades & units in front of them. Let’s understand the grades;

A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1, F=0.

Now, let’s start with the first course ECN101 for calculation.

I scored B in ECN101 above. Since B= 4.
I’ll multiply 4 by the unit of the course, which is a 2-unit course.
So; 4 x 2unit= 8. So for ECN101 = 8.

Next is TFC116, I scored B as well. Since it is a 2-unit course, I’ll calculate 4 x 2units= 8. So, TFC116 = 8.
Next is ENT121, it was a C. C = 3, which is a 3-unit course. So, the calculation will be; 3 x 3units= 9. ENT121= 9.
Next is BAT128, I scored C, which is a 2-unit course. The calculation will be; 3 x 2units= 6. BAT128= 6.
Next is GMB142, I scored A. A=5, which is a 2-unit course. So; 5 x 2units= 10. GMB142= 10.
Next is BRF136, I scored A, which is a 3-unit course. So; 5 x 3units= 15. BRF136= 15.
Next is KFC108, I scored A, which is a 2-unit course. So: 5 x 2units= 10. KFC108 = 10.
Next is GEJ158, which is a 3-unit course, I scored D, D = 2. So; 2 x 3units= 6. GEJ158= 6.
Next is OBJ114, which is a 2units course, I scored D. So; 2 x 2units= 4. OBJ114= 4.
Next is IBB131, which is a 2units course, I scored E. E = 1. So; 1 x 2units= 2. IBB131= 2.
Next is FFK104, which is a 2-unit course, I scored F. F = 0. So; 0 x 2units= 0. FFK104=0.

Now, having done all the 11 courses calculation, we will have to finalise it by adding all the course calculations together. So that will give us;

8 + 8 + 9 + 6 + 10 + 15 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 0 = 78.

Now, add the total units of all the courses together;

2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 25.

So, divide the added course calculation by the total units.

Which is; 78 ÷ 25 = 3.1.

So, there you have it, your GPA is 3.1. That is 2nd class lower.

Please, also take note that;

First Class: 4.50 and above.
Second Class Upper: 3.50-4.49.
Second Class Lower: 2.50-3.49.
Third Class: 1.50-2.49.

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