God is Good Motors Online Booking 2019 – How to Book God is Good Motors Online Guide

Are you planning on booking a God is Good motors online? Then follow this guide. As I will be providing you with the guide on how to book God is good motors correctly.

Take note that booking with this company is very easy, effortless and you don’t need to go through rigorious procedures. All you need to do, is simply follow this guides provided below, and you can book God is Good Motors right now.

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God is Good Motors Online Booking Guide

Take note that this guide provides you with picturial instructions, making it easier for you to do this yourself.

Step 1: Visit the Booking Page Here

Step 2: The choice rest solely in your hands. Here, you can choose to either select either One Way ( see the yellow arrow in the image as shown below) or Round Trip, (The white arrow in the image below indicates this)

god is good motors online booking

Step 3: The third step for a successful booking is this. You will noticed that Under “Traveling From:” click on Departure Terminal as shown in the image below. The Departure Terminal is you choosing where you want to board the bus. When you’ve select YOUR departure terminal, please allow the system to load and also under “Travelling To:” click on “Arrival Terminal” to select where your destination.  (see the white arrow in the diagram below)

how to book god is good motors

Step 4: Once you’ve select your Travelling from and Travelling to destination. The next step, is selecting your “Departure date”. Simply click on “Select Date” to choose the date you will be travelling.
(As shown in the image below, the yellow arrow points to where you need to choose your departure date.
Under “Adults” click to choose the number of adults travelling with you.
While Under “Children (Ages 2-10)” Choose the number of children travelling with you.

Don’t forget that this company, GIGM gives you 50% off on fares for Children.

god is good motors online booking guide

Step 5: Once you’re done with your selection of Departure date, number (s) of Adults and Children, you should proceed and click on the big Yellow button that reads “BOOK NOW

Once you’ve clicked on “BOOK NOW”, you will be automatically taken to the next stage, where you will be shown the buses available at the park you choose to your destination. Take note that you will also be shown the departure time for each of the buses. You should see something similar as this.

God is good online motor booking

Step 6: Picking Your Seat:

Yes, this is very possible. With the GIGM online booking website, you can pick your favorite seat position. At the front of each Bus, you’ll see “View Seats” on a red button. All you need to do, is simply click on it to see any available seat that you can chose. Please make sure you carefully choose the ones you want (see the yellow arrows in the descriptive image below). After that Click on the red “Continue” button below.

God is Good motors how to book

Step 7: When you’re done with your selection and clicked on Continue as shown in the image above, you will be directed to a screen which looks as similar as the image below. Take note that you are required to enter your email and password to sign up. However, if you don’t want to sign up, you can simply click “Continue Without Login”.

god is good motors terminals


Either you choose to register, Login or continue without Login, you can proceed. In the next page, you will be directed to the “Passenger Details Page”. Here on the passenger Details page, you are required to enter your Full name and Gender, including your next of kin details, you will also be required to enter your contact details.

Note that at the bottom of the page, you will be prompt to select you payment method, you should be directed to the payment page to make your payment.

god is good motor booking and payment

Simply use your Mastercard, Visa to make payment.

Important Note: Please don’t forget that you can also choose to pay at the park.

God is Good Motors Bus parks/Terminals in Nigeria

This is all you need to know about God is Good Motors Online Booking.