Beautiful Whatsapp Girls Numbers – Call Girls Mobile Phone Numbers 2020

Girls Whatsapp Number: I will be sharing with you, the current list of all Girls Whatsapp Numbers from around the world.

Here on, I have the complete list of Whatsapp girls numbers 2020 from all parts of the world.

I discovered that there are no current answers to this question when I decided to search for Girls WhatsApp phone numbers in My country, and there was absolutely no help provided. Just like many other guys who are currently searching Girls WhatsApp numbers or eager to find real girls WhatsApp number, Here is the help you needed.

Here in this post, I will be sharing with you a thoroughly researched list of 100% real WhatsApp number collection.

Just like you, there are some rich, beautiful and lonely girls who want to chat with guys too. These beautiful girls decided to share their contact details with us, and we’re constantly updating this list, to help you connect with girls, so you can become great friends.

So, to ensure we provide the complete Whatsapp girls numbers for guys around the world, we scout through many resources, including thousands of Facebook groups, WhatsApp chat groups, twitter posts, and other social media messengers, to provide you with this list.

Chatting with people from around the world, will help you with your language skills, build up your language speaking confidence, and provide you with lots of friends around the world.

WhatsApp is the biggest chatting application in the world today, and there are millions of boys and girls ready to become your friends from around the world. However, this app is no need any mobile balance for talk, But also it is entirely free. Try to chat with the girls on the below list and find your perfect friend.

Disclaimer: The phone numbers on this page, is voluntarily shared by these people, and specifically asked for connections, wanting to make friends, get into relationships, and so on.

Want To Add Your Number?: Adding your WhatsApp phone number on this list is very simple. If you are interested in sharing your personal number, just send your mobile number, picture and original government voter ID or any government-approved ID card, to our official email –

It will be published when admin approved that you’re truly the one.

Want to remove your phone number, image from this list? Have you found the friendship you need? Then message us with the phone number, and image, then we’ll surely have them removed.

Real Girls WhatsApp Numbers List

This is the current girls WhatsApp numbers list for all Countries in the world. Here on this page, I will be providing you with girls WhatsApp numbers from countries such as the United State, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Nigeria, South Africa, China, Japan, Portugal, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan etc.

Take note that you can directly message them on WhatsApp, and you will be surprised at their quick response. Because all these girls are mostly online.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Number.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Number

If you are from India and would love to get in touch with Indian girls through Whatsapp, then you need real Indian girls Whatsapp number. Look below, here is a list of girls waiting for you.

However, for those who are not from India, but are eager to get female friends from India, why not use Whatsapp and meet some of India most beautiful girls?

Just see the below list we are provided with the Screenshot of India girls number with a picture. So all the girls are real.

MonthActivityPossible DurationBlock Dates
December, 2019Registration of Courses/Examination Begins31st December, 2019
February, 2020Senate11th February, 2020
FebruaryFacilitation commences25th February, 2020
March, 2020Registration of Courses/Examination Ends11th March, 2020
MarchInaugural LectureMarch, 2020
March1st TMA9th March,2020
MarchSenate10th March,2020
MarchOrientation20th March,2020
MarchMatriculation21st March,2020
MarchConvocation24th – 28th March, 2020
March2nd TMA30th March, 2020
April, 20203rd TMA20th April, 2020
AprilFacilitation and TMA Ends30th April, 2020
May, 2020IT/SIWES4 weeks4th May -3rd June, 2020
June, 2020Pen on Paper Examination begins3 weeks3rd June, 2020
June, 2020Pen on paper examination ends3 weeks24th June, 2020
July, 2020E-examination begins/ Marking Exercise3 weeks1st July, 2020
JulyE-examination ends3 weeks22nd July, 2020
JulyInaugural LectureJuly, 2020
August, 2020Senate6th August, 2020
AugustRelease of Results10th August, 2020
AugustExamination Course Registration Begins24th August, 2020
AugustInaugural LectureAugust, 2020
September, 2020Examination Course Registration Ends15th September, 2020
SeptemberFacilitation Begins16th September, 2020
September1st TMA14th September, 2020
October, 20202nd TMA5th October, 2020
October3rd TMA26th October, 2020
OctoberFacilitation and TMA Ends26th October, 2020
OctoberPen on Paper examination begins28th October, 2020
November, 2020Pen on Paper examination ends3 weeks19th November, 2020
NovemberE-examination begins/Marking Exercise3 weeks24th November, 2020
December, 2020E-examination ends3 weeks15th December, 2020
January, 2021Senate12th January, 2021
January, 2021Release of results18th January, 2021
January, 2021Convocation26th – 27th January, 2021

USA Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Searching for the USA Girls Whatsapp Number for friendship? Here you have it. This list contains the list of beautiful, Lonely girls in the USA and their WhatsApp numbers. These ladies want to chat with guys from around the world.

USA Girls Whatsapp Number

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Malaysia Girls  Whatsapp Numbers

Malaysia Girls Whatsapp Numbers

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This is the current working Malaysia girls WhatsApp numbers. Just some few days ago, I decided to add these phone numbers here, after so many Malaysian girls contacted me, and asked me to add their WhatsApp phone numbers on this list of girls Whatsapp numbers 2020.

So they can chat with guys from around the world, make new friends, meet new people and travel around the world. So if you want to chat with new girls from Malaysia, here is your chance.

France Girls Whatsapp Girls

France Girls Whatsapp Girls

We all know that French girls are peculiarly beautiful. They’re mostly fit. We discovered that France girl engage on Whatsapp most times. So, I recommended you to check the France mobile number list and add them to your friends. Please add the ones that would love to teach you, how to speak French.

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Brazil Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Brazil Girls Whatsapp Numbers

Searching for Brazilian girl’s mobile phone numbers, then you have come to the right place. Here on this page, you can get to select these Brazilian girls mobile phone and chat with them.

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Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Numbers

pakistan girl whatsapp number

When it comes to chatting, Pakistani girls are Queen. There are lots of beautiful Pakistani girls on WhatsApp. Some of them share their own Whatsapp mobile number with the public, while some sent theirs as a message to us.

More than 70% of these girls phone numbers shared here, want to make new friends and connect with guys from around the world. These girls want to have friends around the world.

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Bangladeshi Girls

Bangladeshi Girl Whatsapp Number

If you want to chat with girls from Bangladeshi, then you must learn how to speak the Bengali language. The Bengali Language is the official language of Bangladeshi. If you want to impress these girls, you must learn how to speak the Bengali language.

However, the good news is that you can easily try teaching some of these girls English.

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Teenage Girls  Mobile Number

Teenage Girls Mobile Number

This is the phone numbers of teenage girls living in UK, USA, Turkey, Somalia, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Australia, Germany,

Name Status AGE Numbers
Naina i’m Good Person With Bad Attitude 14
Tumani My attitude my choice 15
Manita Pink Isn’T Just A Colour, It’S An Attitude! 14

Turkey Girl Phone Numbers

Turkey girls whatsapp numbers

If you want to chat with Turkey girls, this is the perfect chance to chat with these girls. You can get real Turkey Girl number here.

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Australia Girl Whatsapp Number

australia whatsapp girls number

Australia is among the first countries in the world when it comes to acceptance. Do you wanna make new friends with Australia Girls? seeking for Australia Girl Whatsapp Number for friendship? This is the complete list of beautiful girls in Australia.

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This is the complete list of all Whatsapp girls numbers available for friendship.
Take note that these girls want to be friends with people from Around the world, so when chatting with them, be courteous, kind and represent a true Gentleman or Lady.

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