Female Corper with The Biggest Ukwu Disturbing Lagos State

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Female Corper with The Biggest Ukwu Disturbing Lagos State

Well, who doesn’t love beautiful ladies, and it seems am obsessed with Beautiful ladies with Ukwu (Butts).  Taking our front page today is this beautiful Female Corper with the biggest Ukwu.

This particular endowed lady is currently serving her father’s land at the NYSC camp in Lagos State, and she is also making guys lost on her page with her hot pictures!

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This beautiful lady is very popular at the Lagos State NYSC camp, both among the corps members and the NYSC staff, because she’s good!

Going through her social media page, we discover she is really interested in her back-side and never fails to utilize every opportunity to flaunt it on her accounts.

Hot nysc corps

What do you think?? Is this NYSC Corps member that hot or overhyped? I really would want to hear from you.

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