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Here’s the Inside of the Most Expensive Hotel Suite in the World $83,200 a Night

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HAVE you ever imagined what the Most expensive hotel suite would be like? Well, If you had, there is absolutely no need to dream or imagine again. Here is the inside pictures of the World most expensive hotel suite. It cost $83,200 a night. Now calculate this amount in your country’s exchange rate.

The World most expensive hotel suite is located in Australia.

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Switzerland has the most expensive average hotel room rates in the entire Europe continent, and the price tag on the outrageous Royal Penthouse suite at Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson could be the reason why the country is noted, to have some of the most expensive suites in the world.

At $81,000 just to spend the Night, not a week, Month or year, a night, the suite is the most expensive hotel suite on planet earth.

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This 12-bedroom suite takes up the entire eighth floor of the Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson hotel and has hosted heads of state from Bill Clinton to Mikhail Gorbachev, ONLY the world leaders have rent this suite out. Even celebrities are yet to rent it.

There are also magnetic contacts, which is located outside the suite which can detect if there is an intrusion and the two main bedrooms have panic buttons which are linked to the hotel’s main security, providing some of the highest security modern technology has to offer.

However, If you what to experience what it feels like to sleep in a $83,200 a night suite, well, it lies in your hands. All you need to do, is use your brain and experience it. If you can not afford the Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson suite, there is one option available if you cannot afford the $83,200. Since the suite has 12 bedrooms, you can link up with 23 others, and just pay $3,617 each. It could be your family and friend. But even paying $3,617 for a night is still expensive.

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What do you think about this Hotel suite? Can you lodge here for a Night?

If you were to be the richest Man in the world today, Would you rent this suite for $81, 200 a Night?


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