Here’s the Most Expensive Girlfriend in Nigeria – Pictures

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Have you ever wondered who is the Most expensive girlfriend in Nigeria? Thelma (Full name is hidden for privacy) is believed to be the most expensive girlfriend in Nigeria.

You may be eager to know why We decided to call her, Nigerian most expensive girlfriend.

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Remember when the infamous quote was trending in Nigeria?

‘Boyfriend that cannot give u 50k to go make hair every 2 weeks.. is that one boyfriend?

Yes, this was the Biggest reason why We decided to call Her, Nigerian Most expensive Girlfriend. The truth is that everyone is entitled to their Own opinion. When she share this quote on her Facebook profile, it boost up her profile and she had 10,000 followers with 5,000 friends.

It seems LIKE Thelma has been overthrown! Here’s the new Expensive Girlfriend in Nigeria!

Meet Love Anidi, Who says I Can’t Date A Man That Isn’t Capable of Giving Me 5Million Naira Monthly

Important Info

Please Thelma didn’t call herself Nigeria Most expensive Girlfriend oh, we Just decided to call her that, since 50,000 is a big Money to spend for hair every two weeks (winks)

Most people thought she’s rude and very carnal Minded to say things like this, BUT on a personal level, i totally understand her. It’s her world, and she is entitled to ask for anything from anyone who wants to date her.

I don’t see her carrying GUN and pointing at guys to DATE her and give her 50 thousand Naira per 2 weeks. If a guy decides to date her, he should up his game and give her what she needs. After ALL, she’s beautiful.

Here some of her Best Pictures, GUYS and LADIES, please be the judge, If she is worth 50,000 Naira every Two weeks for Hair.

Thelma Nkwocha



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