The truth is that all Countries have their bad times, girls, and generally, Humans that is bent on soiling their country’s name. Just to put you at ease, and make you understand that all countries have bad girls, Here are some images that have NEVER been taken.

Pictures of South Africa Ladies That Shamed the Country

I Won’t Die Alone – Pretty Girl Allegedly Infecting Guys with HIV Exposed (SEE PICS)

Beautiful Girl Ghana Claim to Infected 324 Men With HIV

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However, these Image shows us that we’re living in the 21st century now, and there is absolutely nothing you can hide. So even when drinking, you should not be drunk.

Don’t fight publicly, there is one person who will surely be videoing it, and publish it online. Don’t harrass yourself in public, because there is always smartphones everywhere, and everyone is now a journalist and photographer.

When taking indecent photos of yourself with your phone, don’t do it. You phone might easily get lost in a bus, worst ,stolen at an event, and you can image what the person who stole the phone, will use them for. Worst still, they can use it to blackmail you.

Don’t take selfies of your self indecently and send it to your Boyfriend, you don’t know if you’re break up tommorrow, and they’ll use it to blackmail you.

Ladies, please be wise and always safeguard yourself.

Here are 40+ pictures of Nigerian girls that totally disagraced the country.

As you can see above, it’s a girl fighting shamelessly. Please don’t be this girl.

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