SEE Crazy Things That happens At One Love Beach in Africa [PHOTOS]

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SEE Crazy Things That happens At One Love Beach in Africa [PHOTOS]

This is Africa News Today, and we’re reporting live from what we just witnessed! It’s terribly jaw-dropping and we’re really surprised as anyone else, including you!

This would seriously have been a funny case if it wasn’t for the age and those in it. 🙂

This took place in Lake Victoria 😛 over the weekend and it was madt, as everyone was seriously busy! This is really crazy. Here are some interesting pictures of what went down on Easter Monday at One Love beach in one of Africa’s topmost country, Uganda.

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The picture shows fun-seekers first frolicked in the waters of Lake Victoria throughout the day, after which, they seriously partied like there is no tomorrow as they witnessed a concert of epic proportions at night. Some of the photos will leave you speechless, just like they left me speechless.


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 If this is to be your sister or Brother, what would be your reaction when you see this? As for me, I would be totally embarrassed, but what about You?
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