What is the funniest question you have ever seen asked by a Lecturer? Well, I think this one shared below surpasses it.

This is one of the best funny examination questions I’ve ever seen, and surprisingly, it’s set by a National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Lecturer.

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As you can see from the image above, the Course code is tagged PHS 401, and the Course title is Community Reproductive and Adolescent Health. The course unit is 3 Units and has a total marks of 70%.

Here’s the question that got us talking.

QUESTION 1: Surprisingly, this question carries 20 marks.

(1a). Define Cοℵdοm as a method of birth control. (1 mark)
(1b). Describe the procedure for correct use of the Cοℵdοm. (10 marks).
(1c). List four advantages of male Cοℵdοm. (4 marks).
(1d). Mention five disadvantages of male Cοℵdοm. (5 marks).

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