Top 7 Companies in Canada Offering Visa Sponsorships 2023 (UPDATED)

Are you aware that there are hundreds of companies in Canada offering sponsorship to foreign workers this year? Over the years, the rate of foreign nationals moving to Canada has increased, thanks to some countries’ government policies, that are making it difficult for their citizens to succeed in the country.

Countries like Pakistan, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa have the highest rates of citizens who want to move to another country for greener pastures.

Over the years, Canada has experienced a surge in the number of foreign nationals applying for various visas, majorly because of their policies towards foreigners, better pay and working hours, environment and cheaper taxes, more than a quarter of the Canadian workforce is made up of foreign workers from different part of the world.

The Canadian government have made it possible for business owners, companies and firms to employ, and even sponsor visa for foreign nationals willing to live and work in Canada.

Canada companies offering visa sponsorships

One reason why some Canadian companies do sponsor the visa of foreign nationals is this. When they are unable to find qualified/skilled workers living in Canada, they come up with enticing proposals that enable them to hire qualified workers from other countries and lure them with better working hours and salaries to come work for them.

Over the years, this has made it easier for people from numerous countries to move to Canada and start working. Foreign nationals have tremendously helped in building Canada, making it one of the world’s greatest countries today.

However, it is important to know that some of these sponsorship offers may be for a short period or depending on your work ethic, may want you to work with them for a long period of time, thereby making it easier for you to get a Permanent resident card.

What Does it Mean to be Sponsored by a Company?

This is when a company/employer has chosen to start the process of applying for work visas for individuals they deem highly qualified and are currently residing outside Canada. The company will take 100% full responsibility for providing you with a visa. To actually sponsor you, the company is required to do the following;

  • Complete an application for foreign nationals.
  • Prepare labour certification.
  • Fill out a petition with the Canadian Citizenship and immigration services.
  • Represents the petitioner for the visa.
  • Cover the cost of the petition-based visa or work visa as the case may be.

Companies in Canada Offering Sponsorship to Foreign Workers.

One major reason why the Canadian government is allowing companies to start offering sponsorship visas to foreign nationals is because of the country’s ageing population.

As a result of this, and the low birth rate experienced everywhere in the country, the Canadian workforce is in dire need of workers and immigrants willing to fulfil these positions are welcome. This is the #1 reason why there is an increase in the number of companies and businesses in Canada offering sponsorship visas for foreign workers with the desired skills to keep their businesses running nationally and internationally.

These are the top companies in Canada offering visa sponsorship to foreign workers.

  1. PWC Canada.
  2. P&H farming.
  3. KPMG.
  4. Enbridge Inc.
  5. Scotiabank.
  6. MobSquad.
  7. Agri-Fresh.

1. PWC Canada.

One of the biggest brands in Canada that is offering full visa sponsorship to foreign nationals, without placing any limitation on your country of Origin is PWC Canada.

PWC Canada is one of the leading professional services networks in the world, having a 110-year history of helping Canadian organizations thrive. PwC’s service is centered around providing industry-focused services to both public and private clients.

Services Rendered by PWC Canada:

  1. Audit and Assurance.
  2. Consulting.
  3. Data and Analytics.
  4. Risk Assurance.
  5. Tax.
  6. Among a host of others.

Contact Details:

2. P&H Farming.

Second on this list of companies in Canada offering visa sponsorship is P&H Farming. The Parrish and Heimbecker Limited, publicly known as P&H Farming is a Canadian family-owned agri-business. This corporation was first founded in 1909.

P&H is growth-oriented, diversified, and has proven over the century, that they are one of the best when it comes to the Agricultural business. They are into merchandising, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills.

P&H Farming have over seventy (70) locations spanning from coast to coast, and business associates around the world, P&H supports Canadian producers and food manufacturers who grow and sell their crops and baked goods to domestic and international markets.

Services Provided by P&H Farming:

  1. Crop input.
  2. Agronomic Services.

Contact Details:

3. KPMG.

KPMG can proudly say that they’re the #1 Canadian leader when it comes to delivering Audit, Tax, and Advisory services. This company have proven to be the best when it comes to responding to clients’ complex business challenges, not just in Canada alone, but in other conglomerates around the world.

With over eight thousand (8,000) people on their payroll in 40+ locations across Canada, serving both private and public-sector clients. This company have been selected among the best places to work in Canada, including their amazing salaries and favourable working hours.

Services Provided by KPMG:

  1. Audit and Assurance.
  2. Tax.
  3. Advisory.
  4. KPMG Enterprise – Private Company Services.
  5. Management consulting.

Contact Details:

  • Location: Bay Adelaide Centre, 333 Bay Street, Suite 4600, Toronto, M5H 2S5.
  • Phone Number: +1 416 777 8500.
  • Email:
  • Website:

4. Enbridge Inc.

Another amazing company that is very active in procuring visa for foreign nationals is Enbridge Inc. This company is a multinational pipeline company with its official headquarter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Enbridge Inc. owns and operates Canada’s largest natural gas distribution network, and one of its major jobs is to provide distribution services in Ontario and Quebec. With over twelve thousand (12,000) people employed in the United States and Canada, Enbridge Inc has all it takes to offer visa sponsorship to foreigners with amazing skills.

Enbridge also is traded on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. Again, Enbridge has become a North American leader in energy delivery by connecting people to the energy they need safely and responsibly.

Services Provided by Enbridge Inc:

  1. Liquid pipelines.
  2. Natural gas pipelines.
  3. Gas distribution and storage.
  4. Renewable energy.

Contact Details:

5. Scotia Bank.

Scotiabank is an internationally recognised and award-winning finance organisation that has received thousands of positive feedbacks. This financial organisation is constantly looking to employ workers, both home-based and foreign nationals with unique skills and workers with fresh active minds.

Their employees are rewarded for their contributions to the bank. Likewise, Scotiabank is driven by core values that put its people first.

Services Rendered By Scotiabank:

  1. Bank Service.
  2. Investment.
  3. Loans.
  4. Insurances.
  5. Mortgages.
  6. Loans.

Contact Details:

  • Location: Scotiabank Head Office, 44 King St West, Toronto, M5H 1H1
  • Phone Number: 1.800.4SCOTIA, 1(800)472-6842
  • Website:

6. Mobsquad.

Mobsquad is another Canadian based company that sponsor the visa of foreign nationals willing to work and live in Canada. This company, MobSquad is mainly into making a virtual subsidiary in Canada easier for companies in the United States of America.

They enable companies to keep their technology talent facing the US work visa issues or build a team of highly-skilled technology professionals, nearshore in Canada. Mobsquad hire US companies’ highly skilled foreign technology workers with unsuccessful US work visa applications and help to move these skilled foreign technology workers to Canada. As you can tell, they are mostly focused on hiring people in the technology industry.

Services Rendered by Mobsquad:

  • Immigration Support.
  • Resettlement Service.
  • Payroll.
  • Tax and Legal.
  • Real Estate.
  • Human Resources.
  • Administration and Accounting.

Contact Details:

7. Agri-Fresh.

The name already tell you what this company is all about. The Agri-Fresh company is focus in products hauling and safe handling practices.

Agric-Fresh have specialists operating in a core geographic corridor, ensuring an on-time, on-temp, and quick delivery of perishables products/produce.

Likewise, they have numerous job sponsorship for foreign immigrants seeking farm work jobs in Canada. They’re asset-based with company-hired drivers that have been screened, selected, and provided with specialized training to deliver fresh and healthy.

Service Rendered by Agri-Fresh:

  1. Fresh and Healthy food delivery.
  2. Shipping and Receiving.
  3. Logistics.
  4. Drivers and Truckload.

Contact Details:

  • Location: 100 – IXL Crescent, Box 18 GRP 329 RR3, Lockport, Manitoba R1A 2A8
  • Phone Number: 204-289-3033
  • Website:

How to Find Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship Offers.

First and foremost, before you commence searching for Canadian jobs with visa sponsorships, ensure that you know the best websites offering these sponsorship job listings.

These job listing websites do not only provide you with numerous jobs opportunities and companies offering visa sponsorship, but also help you link to the best authorities where you can actually commence your application process. These websites are listed below:

Websites For Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Canada

  2. LinkedIn

However, Take note that before you start applying for any of these visa sponsorship jobs in Canada, you should;

  1. First check whether you are eligible and qualified for the job offer. Don’t waste your time and that of your potential employer if you’re not qualified.
  2. Ensure that you meet all the companies’ requirements.
  3. Understand the job type and description.
  4. Check other valuable details provided on the Job description and requirement page.
  5. Check the company’s profile, history and reviews through Google or Bing search.
  6. Before making any choices, ensure you do the necessary research in preparation for the job, you can do this by checking the conditions and other needed information.

Companies in Canada Offering Sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Visa Sponsorship Jobs.

1. How to get a job with visa sponsorship?
Follow these steps to apply for an employment sponsorship visa?

  1. Gather The Required Documents.
  2. Complete The Online generated Form.
  3. Book Your Non-Immigrant Visa Interview.
  4. Pay Your Visa Application Fee.
  5. Attend Your Visa Interview.
  6. Wait For Your Non-Immigrant Employment Visa To Be Processed.

2. What is the easiest way to get a job in Canada for foreigners?
Follow these steps to your dream job in Canada:

  • Search for open positions and recruitment companies online. However, I shared the most popular and respectable job boards where you can actually see numerous job offers for foreign nationals willing to come and work in Canada.
  • Another quick way of getting a Job in Canada is by networking with professionals who immigrated to Canada.
  • Most of these countries sets a Test to check whether you can communicate in English. To get your visa approved, you need to meet linguistic proficiency standards.
  • Consider visiting employers in person.
  • Gain professional experience by volunteering.

Final Conclusion.

Hundred of thousands of foreign nationals who are interested and are willing to work in Canada but have no means of migrating, can go to Canada through this route. It’s not easy to find a job with visa sponsorship, but it is very possible.

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