Here’s why this Child’s Face is Burn – Mom or Dad?

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Here’s why this Child’s Face is Burn – Mom or Dad?

Well, it’s true that the days are dark and the heart of man is desperately evil. I came across this bizzared news and for some minutes, I thought of various reasonable reasons why ANYONE would choose to inflict this time of injury on a child.

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As you can see, this hideous crime was not committed by the boy’s dad or Mom, NO!. This 7-year-old boy was sevelly beaten by his stepfather for what crime? Continue reading to see why!

boy beaten by father

This shocking photos shared online shows the boy with a swollen face and wounds all over his body because of what he did. What did this 7 years old boy did to warrant such beating by his stepFather? it was reported that the little boy in the afternoon, ate some parts of the food that was meant for dinner.

Although the state or local government area where this happened is yet to be announced, it happened in Nigeria.

The good news is that the National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria is following up on the case.

My candid advise to everyone is take care of your child! Hardly will you see a sane human do this to his/her own blood.

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