Sounds unbelievable right? Well, if you disbelieve me you, I know you have valid points and reasons. But don’t worry, because I will share pictures and current worth of these cars with you.

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It is amazing ordinary things we see everyday, not knowing that some are worth Hundreds of Naira, and Millions. I bet you, some persons ease themselves on these cars, hit these cars and even laugh about their designs, heights etc.

Here is a quote I want to drop with you, before providing you with the full details.

When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.” – Myles Munroe

Model : Lamborghini Countach
Estimated Price : N200 Million
Location : Lagos State

Model:Rolls Royce Phantom DropHead
Estimated Price :N193 Million
Location: Lagos State

Rolls Royce Phantom DropHead

Rolls Royce Phantom DropHead

Model: Bentley Continental GT
Estimated Price : N50 Million
Location: Ibadan

Bentley Continental GT

Model : Ferrari F50
Estimated Price: N720 Million
Location: Ibadan

Ferrari F50


It is amazing, right?

Well, you can google the names of all these cars model and see the prices yourself. Even at this current situation, these cars are still worth Millions, due to the equipment, materials used in building these cars, making the body still strong enough to withstand Nigerian weather.

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