See WHY this boy’s face is Scarred and sent him out to beg (Pictures and Videos)

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Will it surprise you to know why this young boy’s face was scarred, not only that, but he was also sent out to beg for alms? Well, the reason will certainly surprise you.

A video of a very young boy who looks unkempt and was begging in the street of Lagos state (Nigeria), went viral and the reason is really surprising.

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The young boy was found looking unkempt while begging on the streets and when he was questioned, he opened up about being abused by his mother, yes you read that right, his mother did this to him.

scarred face boy

The video was shared by a good Samaritan who sighted the boy asked why he was out in the street, to which he replied and said that his mother sent him out to look for what they will eat that day.

The boy when asked his name said it’s “Emma”. He explained that the mark on his face was given to him by his mother because he broke a plate while washing it. The Good Samaritan who took photos and video further asked the boy in disbelief if the woman is his mother or stepmother. Emma answered and said it’s his biological mother.

The boy, who looks no older than 12 years old, further revealed that he doesn’t go to school but spends his time begging to provide for his family to provide food on the table.