Ashawo’s Shows Off their Partners Online (See Photos)

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If you didn’t see it here, would you have believed it? Well, thanks to social media sites like Twitter, we are getting to know that this world is much more than meet the eyes.

This twitter thread has proven that Šεχ workers can actually find true love despite the nature of their job, which requires them to provide several services including having Šεχ with different people for money.

The pioneer of this tweet that went viral is Hoochie Mama, a proud Šεχ worker who took to her Twitter page to show off her partner, as she proudly disclosed that they have dating for two years. She also encouraged other Šεχ workers to share pictures with their partners and disclose how long they have been together.

Surprisingly, other Šεχ workers started sharing loved-up photos with their loved ones. One Šεχ worker who posted a picture with her boyfriend of five years revealed that he is also into the same line of business with her.

ashawo photos

ashawo pictures

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