Arsenal Players Salaries For 2018/18 Session: Including Contract Details

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Arsenal Players Salaries For 2018/18 Session: Including Contract Details

When Arsenal made their popular move from Highbury to Emirates, statistics has shown Arsenal becoming much more competitive at the top level, and the good thing about Arsène Wenger is that he knows how to do this, without spending crazy money like other title contenders in Primer League. However, over the last 2-3 years, Arsenal have started surprising their fans by spending big on players, but are still not comparable with Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea are spending on players.

Fastforward into the 2018-18 season, Arsenal’s Wage bill is pretty healthy at £195 million, which automatically makes them the fifth highest in the premier league. Arsenal only signed one high profile player in 2018 transfer window, and that is Alexandre Lacazette for £46 million. We breakdown the entire Arsenal squad, contracts and player salaries for upcoming 2018-18 season.


It is also important to know that Arsenal did not spent over the top in the summer of 2018, as both top profile players like Ozil and Sanchez are yet to sign new deals. If things go as planned, Then we are expecting Arsenal’s wage bill to touch £200 million if Ozil, Chamberlain and Sanchez and couple of other important players sign new deals.

Arsenal Transfers & New Contracts in 2018/18:

We all know that Arsenal is great at earning and saving Millions annually, Arsenal wage structure has been pretty good since they moved From Highbury to Emirates stadium, and this business model has kept the club quite competitive without over spending in the inflated market in recent years, but with Premier League TV money allowing English clubs to spend big, Arsenal are being forced to hand out massive contracts to big names in the squad or stand the risk of losing them, which may not go well with over 60% of their fans. However unlike last year, they only signed only 1 high profile player, Alexandre Lacazette and rest of the squad remain pretty much unchanged.

Arsenal Stats

  • The current highest paid player in the Arsenal squad is Mesut Ozil, who is earning £140,000 a week in salary and since his contract is ending very soon, Arsenal has already offered him improved contract of around £180,000 a week to fend off any interest from other top clubs.
  • Same as Mesut Ozil, Alexies Sanchez is also earning £140,000-a-week, and has been offered improved contract with £180,000 a week from the club.
  • Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger himself got a paycheck of about £8 million a year, after signing 2 year deal to remain at the club.

Below is the list of entire Arsenal squad contracts and weekly salaries.

arsenal players wages
arsenal players wages
Arsenal Player Wages & Contracts 2018-18
Petr Cech 
35 £100,000 2 Years (2019)
David Ospina 29 £40,000 2 Years (2019)
Matt Macey 22 £5,000 Last Year (2018)
Shkodran Mustafi 25 £90,000 4 Years (2021)
Laurent Koscielny 32 £75,000 3 Years (2020)
Gabriel Paulista 26 £50,000 2 Years (2019)
Calum Chambers 22 £25,000 3 Years (2020)
Per Mertesacker 32 £70,000
Rob Holding 21 £25,000 3 Years (2020)
Sead Kolasinac (new signing) 24 £119,500 5 Years (2022)
Nacho Monreal 31 £65,000 2 Years (2019)
Kieran Gibbs 27 £60,000 Last Year (2018)
Héctor Bellerín (new deal) 22 £100,000 6 Years (2023)
Carl Jenkinson 25 £45,000 Last Year (2018)
Mathieu Debuchy 32 £70,000 2 Years (2019)
Francis Coquelin 26 £55,000 4 Years (2021)
Mohamed Elneny 25 £55,000 3 Years (2020)
Aaron Ramsey 26 £110,000 2 Years (2019)
Granit Xhaka 24 £90,000 4 Years (2021)
Jack Wilshere 25 £90,000 Last Year (2018)
Santi Cazorla 32 £90,000 Last Year (2018)
Mesut Özil 28 £140,000 Last Year (2018)
Alex Iwobi 21 £30,000 3 Years (2020)
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 24 £65,000 Last Year (2018)
Alexis Sánchez 28 £140,000 Last Year (2018)
Theo Walcott 28 £110,000 2 Years (2019)
Olivier Giroud 30 £100,000
2 Years (2019)
Danny Welbeck 26 £70,000 2 Years (2019)
Alexandre Lacazette (new Signing) 26 £100,000 5 Years (2022)
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