Airtel WTF Internet Bundle Plans for 2018

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Have you heard of the Airtel WTF internet bundles or the Airtel WTF bundle? Well, for the internet savvy ones, this sounds quite ridiculous, but honestly, this was the reaction Airtel Nigeria actually wants.

The WTF means: Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook. Also take note that this bundle also includes  Blackberry, instagram, FB messenger, we chat and other chatting apps.

All customers should take note that the Airtel whatsapp monthly subscription, also known as WTF Bundle, is one of the cheapest airtel data plans there is at the moment.

Airtel WTF Bundle

How to Subscribe For Airtel WTF Bundle

Bundle Name: WTFB bundle
Price: 100
Code: *948#
Validity Period: 30 days

How Can I Subscribe To Airtel WTF Bundle?

⇒ To get the bundle plan for one month, dial *990# for just 200
⇒ And to get the bundle for one week, dial *991# for just 100

Are you wondering how much the Airtel WTF internet bundle is? Well, it’s ONLY 100. With 100, you can enjoy this wonderful offer and also serves when you run out of bundles for the day/week or month. Please take note that when you’re out of your normal monthly data plan subscription, you can easily stay up to day with this bundle plan and at this cheap price.

To Subscribe and Activate the airtel WTF Bundle, simply recharge N100 on your airtel line and dial *948#. Please take note that this is the airtel WTF subscription code when you want to subscribe.

Take note that you will be given 30mb which can last up to one month if used wisely especially to chat on whatsapp.

How to Check Airtel WTF Bundle Balance

When you subscribe, you can easily check your airtel WTF Bundle data balance, usig the dial codes below. To check your bundle balance, simply dial *990*0# and you will be able to know how much data you have used and how much remains.


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