Latest 50+ Agbada Styles for Men to Look More Good in 2023

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With the conscious understanding of Africans that they are indeed Africans and will need to protect their cultural heritage from extinction, men and women across the continent have developed a keen love and new interest in traditional attires – especially attires that bring out their African nature or attires that are inherently African by nature.

One of such attire (that is loved and appreciated across the length and breadth of Africa) is the Agbada style for men – notoriously famous with African men and guys.

But, first things first…what is (an) Agbada?

What Is (An) Agbada?

  1. Agbada (or an Agbada), refers to a large, often overflowing gown worn by men in Nigeria and some West African countries.
  2. The large overflowing gown is sewn in such a manner that (constant) effort is required to keep it steady on the shoulders of the wearer.
  3. Usually worn by men, it is normally sewn, designed and embroidered in a three-piece manner, complete with a pair of trousers and an inner, more fitting shirt.
  4. It is used (almost) exclusively at formal events and its use is a sign of affluence, prestige or authority.

Agbada styles for men are among the most popular traditional attires in Nigeria. Putting on such clothes, men can look great and pay tribute to their roots. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the latest models that are extremely popular in 2023.

It’s a great choice if you like sophistication and finesse in clothes. Nigerian masters come up with a lot of interesting patterns. They make even clothes with the simplest cut impressive and beautiful. Threads can match the shades of the fabric or create an advantageous contrast.

Latest Agbada Styles for Men

Below is our collection of long Agbada styles. If you’d prefer short ones, click here to see our collection of short Agbada styles.

Current Agbada Styles


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