Top Africa’s Model’s ℵude Pictures Goes Viral

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Top Africa’s Model’s ℵude Pictures Goes Viral

It seems like we live in the era where leaked photos of girls seems to be the norm of today. But what about someone as popular as Miss World Zimbabwe? Yes, you got it right. A previous Miss World Zimbabwe is in trouble after her ℵude photos were leaked by a former boyfriend.

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The current reigning Miss World Zimbabwe, Emily Kachote has ladn herself in a very serious trouble and could lose her crown after her ℵude photos went viral on social media, all thanks to her noisy and immature ex-boyfriend.

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However, latest news reaching our news desk, is that Miss Zimbabwe will not take any action, after it was discovered that her ex-boyfriend leaked the photos.

But decent Human have taken to show their anger at such a display of childishness from the ex-boyfriend. There has been public outcry from Zimbabweans and her fans from around the world, when the naked photos of the beauty queen leaked. However, there are other group of persons, who are calling for her to be stripped of the crown as she does not possess the qualities of representing her country.

Responding to the outcry for her crown to be removed, Miss Zimbabwe Trust spokesperson, Tendai Chirau, said that Miss Zimbabwe, Kachote, who was scheduled to represent Zimbabwe at the Miss World finals later this year, will not be dethroned over mere allegations of leaked nude photos, but would do so if it is found out to be true.

Miss world Zimbabwe shared her thoughts on the controversy, where she discussed with H-Metro, saying that she suspected the pictures would emerge, but the incidence happened a long time ago.

She referred to a date with a man whose home she visited, saying this and I shared below:

“We had some drinks and I had no control over everything that happened that night. I no longer have anything to do with the guy.”

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