Mystery! You Won’t Believe What Happened to These 9 Men after sleeping with 26yrs Woman Cursed by husband

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Here are some shocking reports which is reaching We received this news that a total of (Nine) 9 Men were reported dead after sleeping with woman, who is 26 years old, believed to be cursed by her husband.

According to information been relayed to Us, A 26-year-old woman is afraid of her life after she disclosed that (9) nine men have died after sleeping with her, allegedly because her husband placed a curse on her life.

This Woman decided to speak to us secretly, where she plead anonymity. While reporting this incident, Mrs Felistaus Jenje said she believes the Spell which was done on her is called the “Runyoka Spell”, which is a traditional African Juju charm, which is very common among certain ethnic groups in Zimbabwe.

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The Runyoka Spell is placed on a woman especially by her Husband to prevent her from being promiscuous was cast when her husband, who she customarily married in 2008, forced her to close an okapi knife he had opened while he was accusing her of being in several relationships.

Speaking on this issue, Mrs. Felistaus Jenje disclosed that her husband has been very abusive and within 3 months of being married to her, her husband allegedly cast the spell and ran away to South Africa with their two children and his new concubine.

Speaking to, Mrs Felistaus Jenje said that after being estranged for 3 years from her husband, she started dating other men to find a suitable Husband. She said and i quote below;

“I have been cursed with runyoka and so far, More than Nine (9) men whom l have slept had mysteriously died a few days after, and the worst part is that they all die the same way, vomiting blood and excessive diarrhoea.

Felistaus Jenje dsaid that she’s turned to a drunk, as the nine men are making her life miserable, as they are now coming as ghosts and asking her why she killed them.

Felistaus says :”l no longer enjoy life.”

she also said that because of this incident, she is now forced to drink alcohol every day and has been to several traditional healers to see if there is a solution to her problem.