7 Most Difficult Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities

For those who wishes to study their choice courses in Nigerian Universities, you’re welcome to do so. You should know that Universities are not new to Nigeria. For those who are not aware, Nigeria had Universities before the advent of independence.

This is to show you, that Nigerians admonish and appreciate literacy right before we became an independent Nation.

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From the first generation Universities which started from the 1950s and 60s to the second generation of the 70s and 80s and the 3rd generation of the 1990s to the 21st century, Universities have been created in all 36 states of the country, with some states having as much as 4 Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education.

Nigeria have both the Federal, State and Privately owned Universities in Nigeria, including Specialised Universities in different fields, like in the;

  • Fields of Education,
  • Engineering and Technology,
  • Petroleum Resources,
  • Management Science,
  • Health Science/Technology.

Almost every year, new Universities are built, Colleges of Education and Polytechnics are gradually becoming obsolete, while some Polytechnics are gradually turning into Universities.

Because of the rapid increase in numbers of Universities in the country, thousands of upcoming Students and aspirants are finding it difficult to select schools to attend, especially the Institutions which are best for their chosen course.

However, Certain number of Universities in Nigeria have over the years, proven themselves to be excellent and extra-ordinary in training students in certain certain fields/disciplines, including disciplinary, vocational and professional fields.

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What makes some Universities stand out in certain courses, is not the absent of other schools or that other institutions don’t offer the same courses, the simply truth is that a particular school has a well formed and trained faculty, standard structures and facilities, rich legacies and superb alumni networks, producing the best students.

Students who go to these schools for their selected course will eventually do better than their contemporaries if they select Universities, which are well known for the courses they’ve applied for.

The Major reason why this article was penned down, is to highlight these Nigerian Universities and the disciplines/courses which they are well known for. The schools which are presented here, are those Universities which are well familiar with.

To some extend, this means I may not include schools (universities) which I don’t have sufficient data on. But i trust that you will also be adding your iota of Knowledge through the comment section below.

To combine this list, i pulled and generated these data solely based on the following;

  • University alumni strength,
  • The amount of academics the schools produce in the field,
  • The nature and class of results produced by students in the department,
  • The output of students(practicals, development, research, etc),
  • Physical structures present in the departments,
  • Accreditation status and stability of department,
  • Number of academic staff
  • Number of academic pedigree,
  • Number and impact factors of journals and academic outputs from department, etc.

These are the Most difficult course to study in any Nigerian universities.

1) Medicine & surgery:

We all know that this is one of the Hardest courses in the world, not because it is too dangerous, but because it controls the existence of mankind. The National Universities Commission (NUC) dwell majorly on this course, and ensure that Universities studying these courses have the adequate facility to study it.

In the field of medicine, it is another world of studies, majorly because you will find yourself studying the course for many years. Some students may succeed, while some other students will deviate to another major, because it’s not easy.

2) Law:

Law has some of the most biggest books ever, which students must consume. One reason why i love Law is because you can hardly cheat in the court. Your brilliance determines how many suits you’ll be having. However, before jumping to the good side of earning money through Law, lets discuss about the hardship students goes through.

Aspiring law student are required to always research, read and know how to quote, when to quote and so on. This course is just like medicine, you will spend most of your time in school, and also spend your time reading many books.

3) Engineering:

Taking 3rd place as the hardest course to study in Nigeria is Engineering. The field of engineering is the field of technology, innovation, Creativity and building, Engineering is not all about being a technician, you must also apply the knowledge of mathematics to your work. that is, Engineering includes lots of calculation. it is said that there is no fine boy in engineering department because they don’t have the time for that.

4: Mathematics:

Who does not know that Mathematics is hard? Right from Kindergarten, Most people finds this subject excruciating hard, while few others actually loved it. All students knows what mathematics is all about and what it takes to be a mathematician.

Studying Mathematics is actually for those whose Brain are restless and are fast to grab calculations. Mathematics involves lots of calculation throughout your life.

5: Statistics:

This is another course which has the same characteristics like mathematics, Statistics is very similar to Mathematics. You should know that statisticians are applied mathematicians, they use mathematics to solve real life problems, it includes lots of mathematics and some borrowed courses that are not even part of your discipline (e.g, economics). So you should know why Statistics as a course made it to the hardest course you can study in a Nigerian University.

6: Chemistry

Taking the 6th position as the most hardest course in Nigeria to study is Chemistry. You guys may be surprised about this major, but chemistry is not an easy course, chemistry is really broad.

One major aspect of Chemistry is using your time in mixing chemicals in the lab and stuffing your awesome brain with hundreds of formulas and theories, which you must apply in Medicine. Chemistry is a major factor in the production of drugs, Chemicals, etc. Chemistry is really broad and those studying it are exceptionally brilliant.

7 Architecture:

Architecture is another course, which you may find easy from the outside. However, in Architectural course, you spend most of your time in school, at times you sleep in school drawing and sketching diagrams for planning, building, etc.

Your Turn

What do you think? Should any course included on this list be removed?
Do you think some Courses here are not that hard?
What other courses do you think should made this list of hardest courses to study in Nigeria?

I would really love to hear from you through the comment section below.