I Can’t Date A Man That Isn’t Capable of Giving Me 5Million Naira Monthly

It seems like this lady wants to get on the badbook of Social Media users, and saying this in an economic like this, she is trending for all the wrong reasons! The latest trending story today, is coming from a Nigerian lady, whose name is Love Anidi.

Remember when this girl said a similar thing? just in case you missed it, here’s a rundown of the entire story.

Did anyone here remember Thelma? Well, she said something so disagreeable, there were literally, thousands of comments on her page. However, Miss Love Anidi wants to be the latest culprit of Internet anger.

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This beautiful Nigerian Lady has taken to facebook and set her standards, where she disclosed that there’s no way she’d date a Nigerian Guy, or any guy who is not capable of giving her, at least, N5 million naira as monthly allowance.

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This beautiful lady, who simply identify herself as Love Anidi on Facebook, took to a Facebook Group to declare her standards.. She simply wrote and I quote below;

“I can’t date a man that cannot give me 5million naira monthly allowance”

But from all indications, she seems to be well doing, living wealthily and taking pictures with Nigerian celebrities, like Nkem Owoh, aka Osoufia, among others.

What are your thoughts exactly? Do you think she is really that beautiful or expensive enough for N5 Million Naira monthly allowance?

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