Girls – Here are 5 Reasons Never to Send Nude Pictures

Before you start judging me, Please understand the major reason why I AM against this. I have seen several news headlines that brought tears to my eyes. Young girls commit suicide, all because their boyfriend exposes their nude pictures online, turning them into laughingstocks, and examples of wayward girls.

It is supposed to be abnormal, against the morals of Godly standards, but it is amazing how girls tend to get carried away in the heat of the moment when relationships are new and at their best, sending pictures and even Videos! Videos to their boyfriend, please this does not always end well.

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Usually, at the very beginning of a relationship, a guy could use every power in his tongue to erode a lady’s thoughts and render every rational thinking nerve useless and senseless. Making it worse is our liberty as adults, giving us the impression, that we can act and take decisions the way we dim fit. However, when the consequences of actions like this come, We should stand firm and be willing to accept the rashness that follows such actions.

As the generation of Technology, Today’s Teenagers and young see absolutely NOTHING bad, why nude pictures can’t be exchanged between two people, who at that moment, are heatedly in love oblivious to the fact that the move is fraught with danger. In today’s world, this has become the norm, and accepted phenomenon, to see girls’ nudity splashed on some social media by boyfriends over breakups.

From research and some persons who have fall victim to these, the following reasons may guide ladies who see nothing wrong in sharing nude pictures with men, and why they should stop doing it immediately.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Send Nude Pictures To Anyone.


Looking at this phenomenon, from cultural and religious views, a woman’s body is considered to be a temple of purity, a sacred place. You are not setting a standard for yourself as someone with morals and values, by sending nude pictures of yourself to Guys.

As a girl, am telling you the truth, 95% of Men who receive pictures like these from girls don’t see you as innocent, rather they view you as wild and loose, playthings they can do anything with.

Having sεx outside the institution of marriage is bad enough for most people, but imagine having your nude pictures plastered all over social media and on guys’ phones? This does not always end well for the senders.

Scam And BlackMail.

Honestly, most ladies who send their nude pictures are naïve, they don’t know that there is absolutely nothing as 100% security. Most Young ladies I have met, are most times, faced with the option of either sending nude pictures or not sending them. Young ladies basically don’t know how to go about issues like that, since they are under pressure from their friends, and might thought ALL other girls are doing it.

Long romantic Midnight talks often degrade into talking about irrelevant topics. During conversations like this, a man may be tempted to ask a lady about what she has on and most times, for pictures so he could visualize things and make the relationship stronger.

I am not against your relationship getting stronger, but if the pictures get into the wrong hands, someone’s life and career will be changed forever. The modes of sending these pictures aren’t secured ever. Even Apple’s cloud was once hacΚed and Several celebrities’ Nude pictures were exposed online.


Sending a nude picture, and it falling into the hands of evil persons may ruin your chance for happiness, for a long time. Do you have a future plan? What do you inspire to be in Life? Start now to ensure every open door that may ruin your happiness is closed.

Imagine what an old nude picture could do to a political aspirant either at the national or local level. Imagine the havoc old nude pics can cause to a Doctor, Lawyer, or even more scary if seen by your kids? The implications of 5 seconds of irresponsible action might not be considered big now, but with booming technology, it wouldn’t take long for such pictures to go viral or be brought back from the archives.

Again, the internet isn’t a place to put up one’s nudity. Just remember that YOU CAN NEVER TAKE it away. It breeds scandal, taints one’s reputation and in cases where it doesn’t go viral, it becomes a potential weapon for blackmail.

Too Hard To Handle.

If a situation where the nudes you send are found in the hands of the wrong person/people, blackmail and scandal are very much likely to follow.

Like I said in the beginning, People have different ways of responding to shock, pain or trauma. Some ladies who find their nude pictures trending on one social media or the other, maybe due to breaking up with their boyfriends, being setups by aggrieved exes and friends, or due to carelessness, may find it difficult to handle the situation once it explodes.

These ladies get embarrassed and may find it hard to face their family members and friends. They may be pressured by the person who has these pictures in their possession, and money might be extolled, among other things which you may not like. Hundreds of young beautiful girls have lost their lives to the cruelty of this raving issue by hanging or poisoning themselves while others have moved on with the stigma but never having SELF Confidence ever again.

Someone may be staring at them, and automatically, they feel like the person have seen their nude pictures or video, and their self-confidence goes plummeting to the ground. Don’t do this to yourself.

Emotional Blackmail.

The truth is that during sexual activities, having seen your partner’s nakedness isn’t quite the same as having still images of the act or the woman’s body sent everywhere. You should know that Pictures travel at the speed of light!

The camera and/or phone could get stolen and the pictures may turn into the wrong hands, therefore, automatically becoming someone else’s property. The man may get mad at the woman at some point and the pictures may be used against her and to control her, to do things which she is totally against.

It may be the mother of all humiliation to have your unborn child see such images, and remember, even our kids will Go online. It never goes away, Technology is here to stay, and so is the WEB. One could lose one’s ground as a parent as it would be difficult to instil morals in cases like that.

So SAY NO to Sending Nudes.

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