Now, this is specifically for the Ladies! Ladies, get in here and score your man on his gentleman etiquette and see If he is gentleman enough. Ladies get in here, and score your Man over 13.

13 Gentleman Etiquette To Rate Your Man

1. Open the door for her, and Let her through the doors first.

2. Gets up when the Lady approaches the Table and let her be seated first before you take your seat. Adjust her seat and take off her coat.

3. Do not touch her bag or personal property unless she asks you to touch it.

4. Ask her out days, and give her few dates notices before the actual date.

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5. Ladies prefers More, then call less/Chat less.

6. When you want to break up with her, Talk to her in person, not through Email, Social Media chats, etc.

7. Walk between her and the road to protect her from Urban Calamities, Ideally in Relationships, A lady should be at your left hand side, so your right hand should be free.

8. After meeting up with her, either it’s a date, or your escorting her from work, school, Ensure you get her safely to her door in Person. It does not matter whether it is a Cab, ride with her in person to her door, before going home.

9. Pay close attention to her when she is speaking. Whenever you are in dates, put away your phone, so it should not distract your attention. pay close attention to her.

10. Do not ever hit a Woman.. Let me stat it clear, DON”T EVER HIT A WOMAN.

11. Asks for her family approval and permission, before proposing to her.

12. Give up your seat when there is no place to seat down, and give her your coat, when she is cool.

13. Always been punctual and keep your words.

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