12 Years Old Pregnant African Girl Kisses Her Baby Daddy (Pictures)

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The story that is practically making the World angry, is coming all the way from South Africa. A 12 years old girl, (Sorry, I can’t call her a Lady or Woman, even if she’s pregnant, because she is a child!) shared her pregnancy photo, and tagged it “Pregnant and Proud”.

The 12-year-old pregnant South African girl, who made world Headlines a few days ago, after she shared her photos on social media with the caption ‘pregnant and proud’. Not been deterred by the negative replies, she has moved forward and shared photos of her baby daddy.

12 years pregnant south Africa girl

The baby daddy of the 12-year-old pregnant South African girl, has been confirmed and it’s bad than you think. The baby Daddy is a 14-year-old boy who lives in the young girl’s neighbourhood. Here are loved up photos she shared below;